Pedro Armadiz

Pedro Armadiz

Philippines Airline Plane nearing Manila. Pilot gets on the intercom and say’s, This is your Pilot “Big Al Rivas” I would like to thank you all for flying with PAL flight 327 and hope to see you all again soon. He then hangs up the microphone, but has forgotten to switch it off, so all the passengers can still hear anything said.

The co pilot asks him, what are you going to do Big Al when we land in Manila. Big Al replies, well you know that very pretty Airline Hostess Ami, when we where in Las Vegas in the US we got married, so when we land as it will be our first night together we will be getting a jeepney to take us down to that little Bar in Mabuhay Street and have a couple of San Miguel Beers, then after that we will be going to a hotel and make beautiful love all night.

Course all the passengers could hear this, so Ami in a panic to tell her husband Big Al to turn the microphone off, rushed down the aisle between the passengers, half way there she tripped and fell.

As she struggled to get to her feet an old lady reached over laying a gentle hand on Ami’s shoulder and very comfortingly said to Ami,

You don’t have to rush dear He (Big Al) is going to have a couple of beers first.


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