No Gasoline

No Gasoline

Sa isang science and technology exhibit nag tagpo tagpo mga ibat ibang imbentor.

Japanese: (Inilabas ang Polariod Camera) This is the camera that never needs a film!!!

Audience: (palakpakan)

American: Good day everyone. Im the representative of Texas Instruments and this (ipinakita ang solar powered calculator) is the new calculator that never needs a battery!!

Audience: Whooaahh..thats awesome!!!

German: Im from Bosch company and I introduce to you this Co2 powered portable drill that never needs a wall outlet!!!

Audience: Amazing!!!!

Filipino: My name is Juan dela Cruz. I present to you my invention (inilabas niya ay TROMPO at pinaikot niya sa harap ng mga nanonood)

Audience : Oh my god!!! So unbelievable!!! What a display of pure Science!!!….Thats an ENGINE that never needs a GASOLINE!!!!

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