A Business Plan

A Business Plan

An old lady walks along a street, carrying a big bag in one hand, and a small bag in another hand. In every step she makes, a 5-dollar bill falls down from the bigger bag. A policeman approaches:
“There’s money dropping out from your bag, madam.”
“Thank you, son,” says the old woman, “I’ll just go back and pick it up.”
“Well, but where is the money from?” investigates the officer. “I mean, you didn’t steal it or anything?”

“Oh, you know, son, I live right next to the football stadium. And when some fella comes to pee in the bushes by my door, I will already be there, waiting with a sharp knife and yell: “What do you think, defiling my garden like that, you son of a bitch! Give me 5 dollars or I’ll cut it off!”
“What a brilliant way to do business…” the policeman muses. “By the way — what’s in the smaller bag?”
“Well son, not everybody is willing to pay…”

“Daming putol na Jun-Jun sa bag ni lola, hahahaha”

Submitted by Roben.

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