Understanding Your Paycheck: Joke

Understanding Your Paycheck: Joke

Gross pay: $1222.02Income Tax244.40 Outgo Tax45.21 State Tax61.10 Interstate Tax5.89 County Tax6.11 City Tax12.22 Rual Tax4.44 Back Tax1.11 Front Tax1.16 Side tax1.61 Up Tax2.22 Down Tax1.11 Knickknack Tax1.98 Hackensack Tax3.93 Thumbtax0.98 Carpet Tax0.69 Snack Tax8.32 Surtax3.46 Ma’am Tax3.46 Parking Fee5.00 No Parking Fee10.00 F.I.C.A.81.88 T.G.I.F9.95 Life Ins.5.85 Health Ins.16.23 Disability Ins.2.50 Ability Ins.0.25 Liability Ins.3.41 Dental Ins. 4.50 Mental Ins.4.33 Fundamental Ins.0.11 Coffee 6.85 Coffee Cups66.51 Calendar Rental3.06 Floor Rental16.85 Chair Rental4.32 Desk Rental4.32 Union Dues5.85 Union Don’ts 3.77 Cash Advances0.69 Cash Retreats121.35 Overtime 1.26 Undertime54.83 Eastern Time 9.00 Central Time8.00 Mountain Time7.00 Pacific Time6.00 Daylight Savings Time.4.44 Time Out12.21 Oxygen 10.22 Water16.54 Electricity38.23 Heat51.42 Air Conditioning46.83 Misc.169.24 Total Take Home Pay = $0000.02This is where the expression “just my 2 cents” came from.

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