Too Much Of The 90’s! Joke

Too Much Of The 90’s! Joke

Signs you’ve had too much of the 90’s!You try to enter your pa*sword on the microwave. You now think of three espressos as “getting wasted. You haven’t played solitaire with a real deck of cards in years.You e-mail your son in his room to tell him that dinner is ready, and he emails you back “What’s for dinner?”You chat several times a day with a stranger from South Africa, but you haven’t spoken to your next door neighbor yet this year.You didn’t give your valentine a card this year, but you posted one for your online buddies via a Web page.The concept of using real money, instead of credit or debit, to make a purchase is totally foreign to you.You consider 2nd day air delivery painfully slow. Your idea of being organized is multiple colored post-it notes.And finally… You hear most of your jokes via email instead of in person!

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