The Other Night, I Was In Bed Trying To Sleep – Family Jokes

The other night, I was in bed trying to sleep. A very drunk woman came stumbling into my room. I began to speak out to the woman, but my curiosity to see what the woman would do silenced me. She climbed onto my bed. I leaned up, watching this woman inch her way toward my midsection. She pulled off my covers and began to unzip my fly. She then pulled out my Raging Red Rocket and looked up at me and said, “You ready for this Dan?” My name is Richard. She then starts the sucking. Well, I let this go on for a minute or two…who really knows, but I started feeling a bit bad for letting this drunken broad syphon sperm on someone she didn’t plan to.
So I spoke up and said…
“Mom, your room is across the hall.”

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