The Jew, American, And Pollack. Joke

The Jew, American, And Pollack. Joke

Three paratroopers, a Jew, an American, and a Pollack are to throw a hand gernade from the plane, then jump.The Jew goes first – “This is for my country” and he throws the gernade out and jumps. He lands and sees a little boy crying and asks “what’s the matter”? The boys says “my dog just blew up!”The American tosses the gernade, jumps and when he lands he sees a little girl crying. She tells him, “my cat just blew up!”The Pollack tosses, jumps and lands. He sees this Redneck laughing his head off. “What so funny, asks the Pollock?”The Redneck replies – “I just farted and my house blew up!”

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