Sunbathing Joke

Sunbathing Joke

A wealthy young Wall Street stockbroker was admiring his physique nude before the mirror one day. The picture was perfectly toned and buffed except for the lack of a tan. So, he flew to California for the weekend to get a tan.Back in his luxurious New York condo, he stripped bare to get another look at his own great beauty. He was shocked to see that he had a little white triangle in a strategic location. Well, that just wouldn’t do!The next weekend, he flew back to his favorite beach in California. He found a secluded, quiet spot and stripped off his attire and laid down on the sand. Then he proceeded to cover up all his body with the sand, except for the part that was a tiny white triangle. He soon relaxed and fell asleep.While he napped, two elderly ladies came slowly along the water’s edge, clinging to each other and their canes for support. When they saw the strange thing planted in the sand, one lady turned to the other and said, “Eloise, when I was 20, I was scared of it.When I was 40, I couldn’t get enough of it.When I was 60, I had to pay for it.And now that I’m 80, I find it growing wild!”

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