One Day, A Man Was Considering His Life And Said, … – Wordplay Jokes

One Day, A Man Was Considering His Life And Said, … – Wordplay Jokes

One day, a man was considering his life and said, ‘i wish i could help people’. After much deliberation he decides to run for local parliament. Unexpectedly, he wins in a landslide victory. After a week on the job he has completely eradicated unemployment. He has decreased crime by 80% and improved the standard of living dramatically.
But he thinks to himself, ‘I could do more for the world’. So he decides to run for state parliament. Once again, he wins by a hefty margin. So he gets to work, and within the month the entire state is out of the economic crisis, unemployment is at 0.5% and crime is at an all time low.
But still, he feels that it is not enough. By the years end he has become Prime-minister, Halfed the countries carbon footprint, lowered taxes, and created the highest standard of living in the entire world.
Now, he feels that he has helped his country enough, so he decides to retire, settle down, spend more time with his family.
One day, during his retirement, he decides to go to the pub for a well earned drink. Once there, he discovers across a huge line, and thinks to himself, ‘you know, im pretty sure there is a bottle shop around the corner, ill go there instead’. So off he goes. As it happens, there is also a huge line there aswell. Now he is quite thirsty, he really would like a drink.
Getting impatient, he thinks, ‘okay, a new place just opened up down the road that sells punch. It’s relatively unheard of, so surely there wont be a line’. So he walks down the road, heads into the shop.
Turns out there’s no punch line.

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