Jones Is Driving Past The State Mental Hospital… Joke

Jones Is Driving Past The State Mental Hospital… Joke

Jones is driving past the state mental hospital when his left reartire suffers a flat. While Jones is changing the tire, another cargoes by, running over the hub cap in which Jones was keeping the lugnuts. the nuts are all knocked into a nearby storm drain. Jones is at a loss for what to do and is about to go call a cab whenhe hears a shout from behind the hospital fence, where one of theinmates has been watching the whole thing. “Hey, pal! Why don’t you just take one lug nut off each of the otherthree wheels? That’ll hold your tires on until you can get to a garageor something.” Jones is startled by the patient’s seeming rationality, but realizesthe plan will work, and installs the spare tire without incident.Before he leaves, he calls back to the patient. “You know, that waspretty sharp thinking. Why do they have you in there?” The patient smiles and says, “I’m in here because I’m crazy, notbecause I’m stupid.”

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