Ideal Computer Problem Report Form Joke

Ideal Computer Problem Report Form Joke

In order to streamline the handling of problems within the system. Please fill out the following questionnaire before sending it in for Help. With your co-operation we should be able to provide faster and more efficient fault resolution.COMPUTER PROBLEM REPORT FORM1. Describe your problem:______________________________________________________2. Now, describe the problem accurately:______________________________________________________3. Speculate wildly about the cause of the problem:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-_________________________4. Problem Severity:A. Minor__B. Minor__C. Minor__D. Trivial__5. Nature of the problem:A. Locked Up__B. Frozen__C. Hung__D. Shot__6. Is your computer plugged in? Yes__ No__7. Is it turned on? Yes__ No__8. Have you tried to fix it yourself? Yes__ No__9. Have you made it worse? Yes__10. Have you read the manual? Yes__ No__11. Are you sure you’ve read the manual? Yes__ No__12. Are you absolutely certain you’ve read the manual? No__13. Do you think you understood it? Yes__ No__14. If ‘Yes’ then why can’t you fix the problem yourself?______________________________________________________15. How tall are you? Are you above this line?______________________________________________________16. What were you doing with your computer at the time the problemoccurred?______________________________________________________17. If ‘nothing’ explain why you were logged in.______________________________________________________18. Are you sure you aren’t imagining the problem? Yes__ No__19. How does this problem make you feel?_____________________________________________________20. Tell me about your childhood._____________________________________________________21. Do you have any independent witnesses of the problem? Yes__ No__22. Can’t you do something else, instead of bothering me? Yes__

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