Horoscope Of Farts Joke

Horoscope Of Farts Joke

Pick the day you were born on to see what kind of fart you are.1-AMBITIOUS – Always ready for a fart.2-LAZY – Just fizzles3-AMIABLE – Likes to smell others farts4-SELFISH – Only enjoys smelling own farts5-CARELESS – Farts in church6-SMART ALEC – Farts when ladies are present.7-CLEVER – Farts and coughs at same time8-SCIENTIFIC – Bottles own farts9-STINGY – Belches instead of farting to save a*shole10-FOOLISH – Farts and laughs.11-SHY – Blushes even when farts silently.12-CONCEITED – Thinks they can fart loudest.13-UNLUCKY – Tries to fart and shits pants.14- TIMID – Jumps when farting.15-BEWILDERED – can’t tell own farts from others.16-SLOVENLY – Farts and fizzles, rots pants.17-NERVOUS – Stops in middle of fart.18-MISERABLE – Can’t fart19-CONFUSED – Face looks so much like a*s,Farts don’t know where to go.20-GROUCH – Grumbles when ladies fart.21-SNEAKY – Farts and blames it on the dog.22-DISAPPOINTED – Their farts don’t stink.23-FRESH GUY – Jumps in front of you and farts.24-BIG BULLY – Farts louder than everyone else.25-DELUDED – Enjoys all farts thinking they are their own.26-CUTE – Discovers from farts what others have eaten.27-WISE – Farts and say’s “Who in hell shit ??”28-DAMNED MEAN – Farts in bed and pulls covers over wife’s head.29-MUSICAL – Tenor or ba*s Clear as a bellSmells like shit Sounds like hell.30-HONEST – Farts and blames in on the hostess.31-LIVELY – Jumps in air, farts three times, kicks like hell simultaneously.

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