Emacs Acronyms Joke

Emacs Acronyms Joke

EMACS: Escape-Meta-Alt-Control-ShiftEMACS: Eight Megabytes And Constantly SwappingEMACS: Even a Master of Arts Comes SimplerEMACS: Emacs Manuals Are Cryptic and SurrealEMACS: Energetic Merchants Always Cultivate SalesEMACS: Each Manual’s Audience is Completely StupifiedEMACS: Emacs Means A Crappy ScreenEMACS: Eventually Munches All Computer StorageEMACS: Even My Aunt Crashes the SystemEMACS: Eradication of Memory Accomplished with Complete SimplicityEMACS: Elsewhere Maybe Alternative Civilizations SurviveEMACS: Egregious Managers Actively Court StallmanEMACS: Esoteric Malleability Always Considered SillyEMACS: Emacs Manuals Always Cause SenilityEMACS: Easily Maintained with the A*sistance of Chemical SolutionsEMACS: Edwardian Manifestation of All Colonial SinsEMACS: Extended Macros Are Considered SuperfluousEMACS: Every Mode Accelerates Creation of SoftwareEMACS: Elsewhere Maybe All Commands are SimpleEMACS: Emacs May Allow Customised ScrewupsEMACS: Excellent Manuals Are Clearly SuppressedEMACS: Emetic Macros A*sault Core and SegmentationEMACS: Embarra*sed Manual-Writer Accused of Communist SubversionEMACS: Extensibility and Modifiability Aggravate Confirmed SimpletonsEMACS: Emacs May Anni*ilate Command StructuresEMACS: Easily Mangles, Aborts, Crashes and StupifiesEMACS: Extraneous Macros And Commands StinkEMACS: Exceptionally Mediocre Algorithm for Computer ScientistsEMACS: EMACS Makes no Allowances Considering its Stiff priceEMACS: Equine Mammals Are Considerably SmallerEMACS: Embarra*singly Mundane Advertising Cuts SalesEMACS: Every Moron A*sumes CCA is SuperiorEMACS: Exceptionally Mediocre Autocratic Control SystemEMACS: EMACS May Alienate Clients and SupportersEMACS: Excavating Mayan Architecture Comes SimplerEMACS: Erasing Minds Allows Complete SubmissionEMACS: Emacs Makers Are Crazy SickosEMACS: Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Mo- Macros Are Completely SlowEMACS: Experience the Mildest Ad Campaign ever SeenEMACS: Emacs Makefiles Anni*ilate C- ShellsEMACS: Eradication of Memory Accomplished with Complete SimplicityEMACS: Emetic Macros A*sault Core and SegmentationEMACS: Epileptic MLisp Aggravates Compiler SeizuresEMACS: Evenings, Mornings, And a Couple of SaturdaysEMACS: Emacs Makes All Computing SimpleEMACS: Emacs Masquerades As Comfortable ShellEMACS: Emacs: My Alternative Computer StoryEMACS: Emacs Made Almost Completely ScrewedEMACS: Each Mail A Continued SurpriseEMACS: Every Mode Acknowledges Customized Strokes EMACS: Eating Memory And Cycle-SuckingEMACS: Everyday Material Almost Compiled SuccessfullyEMACS: Elvis Masterminds All Computer SoftwareEMACS: Emacs Makes A Computer Slow

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