Unexpected Reward

Unexpected Reward

A  quite  boozy dentist sits in his practice on a Christmas Eve. There rushes  an older woman into his cabinet, moaning:
“O! My tooth hurts like hell! Pull it out, son!”
“I am a bit boozy,” the dentist argues. “I might get a wrong tooth. You better come after the Christmas.”
“Take it off, now! I’ll pay you! I cannot stand it anymore!”
So the doctor gets down to it. Puts the old woman into his chair, tells her to open her mouth, puts the pincers into her mouth and… The old lady screams, leaps up and rushes out of the cabinet.
After a couple of days a well-suited businessman walks into the same dentist’s practice and asks:
“Doctor, did you pull out a tooth of and old lady on the Christmas Eve?”
“Yes, I did,” the dentist says, wondering if he’s in trouble now…
“Well, here is 50 000 dollars and the keys of a SUV,” the businessman says.
“For what is that?” the doctor asks.
“That woman was my mother-in-law. And you pulled out not the tooth but her tongue.”

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