The Rich Old Lady & The Innocent Bank Manager

The Rich Old Lady & The Innocent Bank Manager

An old lady went to the bank to deposit her cash worth 5,000,000.00, But she ask the clerk first”
Clerk: Good morning ma’am, may i help you?
Old lady: yes! please,, im going to deposit my money but i want to have a conversation first to your manager because of big cash im going to transact on your bank worth 5million
Clerk:oH!! thats a big deal ma’am,, of course, ill lead you to our manager,..
Then so, the old lady went to the managers office & they talk about her cash to deposit,.
Manager: So madam, you are going to deposit the money you bring in our bank, were so lucky you choose us,
old lady: actually, i have a lot of bank accounts, lots of money & what i am depositing to you are just about 3% of my whole earnings everyday,,
Manager: oooHHH!! (wondering) thats a lot of money, i mean what kind of job you have? to get all of these???
old lady: by GAMBLING!
Manager: gambling?? but how?
old lady: ok,, ill give you an example
Manager: OK then,, ill listen
old lady: I’ll bet 10million, that you have a pair of square shaped balls!!!!
Manager: huh?? (shocked) you mean the balls of my (*(* ? you must be kiddin me??
old lady: no,, i am serious,,
Manager: ok then, ill show them to you & i will get your 5million
old lady: yes, but not too fast, you will show them to me & i’ll check them by TOUCHING with my witness (a Lawyer) to ensure that everything is legal tommorrow morning,
Manager:oh sure, tomorrow is no problem (smiling)
The manager was sure of that his balls are not square in shape,
well he’s probably right,, there were no balls other than oblique or rounded in shape”’ & this is what happen the next day
old lady: mr, manager,, im am now with my lawyer, you can show your balls now,, dont worry, im am not interested on your pennis,,, balls only.
Manager: ok,, here they are (showing his balls)
The old lady then check the manager’s balls with her hands, holding them, they were round in shape
Manager: i think you lose old lady,, can i now get my 5million bucks?
old lady: oh well, you win
Manager: hahahahhahaha!!!
The manager was so overwhelming happy because of the easy money,
Suddenly, The lawyer was hammering his head on the wall several times while the old lady was holding the manager’s balls
because the old lady has also a deal with the lawyer last two days ago (a day before the deal w/ the bank manager) the SHE CAN HOLD/TOUCH THE BANK MANAGER’s BALLS for a bet of 100,000,000.00 (100million bucks)

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