once upon a time,

there was a small passenger plane cruising in the air

carrying 3 passengers-a priest, a boy scout and a president of a firm,

when suddenly, the engine went dead!

all the passengers are in panic!!

the 3 parachutes weren’t enough for them..!!

“I have a wife and 3 children” cried the pilot, then grab a parachute then jumped into the void !!

“I am the smartest man in the world!!” proudly yelled by the president then hurriedly grab one slide into his arms then jump out on the falling plane..!!

the boy scout and the priest were left..


“Son grab the last parachute..I’m old and ready to meet our creator”

“Relax Father!!!!” said the boy scout with a smile..

there is enough parachutes for us to use…

the “SMARTEST” man in the world just jumped out with my knap sack 🙂

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