President Erap And The U.N.

President Erap And The U.N.

U.N.conference, naguusap-usap ang presidente ng america, japan and pilipinas.
Sabi ng america:we want to explore the universe so by the the year 2014 we will have people living in the moon.
palakpakan sila and said “that’s very good mr.president.
sumagot naman yung japan: by the year 2015 we will have people in mars..palakpakan sila and said”that’s very good mr. prime minister..
Tapos sumagot si erap”by the year 2016 we will explore the sun..
Nagulat sila then tinanong nila si erap and said “ah mr.president hindi ba napainit nung araw para magexplore dun?”
sumagat si erap”gagawin namin sa gabi”

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