Peking Duck

Peking Duck

Wife calls her husband at the office:
“Darling, we are having guests this evening. I’m thinking of Peking Duck for the dinner — is it allright?”
“Of course, dear,” the husband says. “That’s an excellent idea.”
Five minutes later the wife calls again. There’s panic in her voice:
“The recipe in the cookbook is meant for four but there is going to be eight of us tonight… What am I going to do now?”
“Just double all the ingredients and it should be fine,” the husband suggests.
Five minutes late there comes another call from the wife — this time she is crying:
“I cannot do it! It says — take a duck. I took two. It says — 1 kg of apples. I took two. But then it says — the temperature in the oven should be 300 C. But maximum temperature of our oven is only 500 C…!!!”

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