Old Habits Die Hard

Old Habits Die Hard

Farmer and his son live in the midland of Australia — hundreds of miles away from the nearest villages. The boy becomes 19 years old but has never seen a woman in his life as his mother died in childbirth. The father understands that his son has become interested in women. He gives him money and the keys of the jeep and says:
“Drive to the town, have a couple of drinks and find yourself some nice lady.”
The boy drives to town, has couple of drinks and meets a nice girl. The girl goes to the bathroom to change the clothes and leaves the boy alone for a while. When she gets back she sees that the boy has pulled all the furniture to one side of the room and curled up the carpet.
“What have you done?” the girl exclaims. “What’s that for?”
“Well… I’ve never been with a woman before,” the boy says, blushing. “But if it is anything like with kangaroo, we are going to need a lot of space.”

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