Ngongo Sa Call Center

Ngo ngo sa Call Center:
Customer: Hi can I pay bills by phone please?

Ngongo: no mroblem Ngiss (miss) , mey naym ngeb nuyr angount nummer mliss ?
Customer: What did you say ? is this some kind of a joke. I cannot understand , any single words you’ve said. Are you an employee?
Ngongo: nges nguss mi , ngiss naym wan nuyr angount nummer? Mliss ngaw ngen naym nelp ngif nu nar nengry , ngyess naym mey emmloyi , ngany mroblem ngam (mam) ?
Customer: Can I talk to a real person? Please do not waste my time!
Ngongo: Henno! Henno! Nu meyk mi nengry ! snumid ! ngustomer , ngat nis nisngasning! ( disgusting!)
Nu nar mrenunise (prejudice) naym mill mayl ngompleyn nu my numermaynor (supervisor).
Nakita ng supervisor si Ngongo galit na galit at kinausap ang customer:
Supervisor: Henno! Henno ! ngiss mey naym nelp nu? Henno! Henno! Nar nu nner? (are you there?)
Customer: OMG! Another Robot!!!
Langya ngongo rin pala ang supervisor , hahahahaha

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