You Must Be A Redneck If Joke

You Must Be A Redneck If Joke

* You recycle your own toilet paper * Your mom has to shave more times a month than your dad * You see a bill board that says “Don’t do crack” and it reminds you to pull up your pants. * You stare at a carton of orange juice because it says “concentrate.” * Your bumper sticker reads: “One more W***e and We Get Gore.” * The nativity scene you set up in your yard at Christmas includes two pink flamingos and baby Jesus lying in a painted tire. * Most of your teeth are on a chain around your neck. * You hunt from your bedroom window. * Your dad walks you to school because you’re in the same grade. * You refrigerate your food stamps. * You use a 10 penny nail to pick your teeth after a night of road kill. * You have ever dressed your child as a “Snot-rag” for Halloween. * Your idea of a loaded dishwasher is getting your wife drunk. * You and your spouse get divorced and you are still relatives. * You go to your local ice cream store and order Copenhagen “sprinkles” on your cone. * You know instinctively that red wine goes with opossum. * You’re always looking to find your Mother-in-Law’s picture on the back of a milk carton! * The officer that just pulled you over asks if “you have any I.D.”..and you respond “About whut?” * You take a beer to a job interview. * You are caught roll’n your trailer down the street to jump start the heater. * When you finish eatin’ your bologna you use the rind for dental floss. * You go to Goodwill to meet women. * You and your friends are putting an engine in a pickup, drinking beer, and the conversation is: Which county jail has the best food!

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