When I Was Growing Up My Parents Were Great Fans O… – Sayings Jokes

When I Was Growing Up My Parents Were Great Fans O… – Sayings Jokes

When I was growing up my parents were great fans of metaphors and sayings.
Times have changed, Maybe they need some adjusting.
Too many cooks make t.v shows
A problem shared is a facebook update
More haste less speed earns a poor wage on piece-work
The MP5 is mightier than the pen and the sword
The best things in life are on credit
Beauty is in the eye of the air-brusher
Don’t judge an Ebook by it’s price
The concrete isn’t always harder on the other side of the wall
Accidents will happen. Call our lawyers on 0181 700 300
Ask me no questions, I’m texting
A cat has 9 lives, Unless thrown from a tower block
A swallow doesn’t make a summer but makes for a good night out
Every rose has it’s thorn unless it’s genetically modified
Fools rush in where X Factor auditions are held
Give someone an inch and they’ll need a conversion chart
Half a loaf is better than none but it will cost you the same due to packaging
He who hesitates misses a kill streak
Ignorance is common
No use crying over spilt pasteurized, hydrogenated lactose free milk
No smoke without fire unless it’s smokeless fuel
Once bitten the animal will be shot
Opportunity seldom knocks twice unless it’s for double glazing
Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will see you in court for racial abuse
When in Rome shout loudly in English
Where there’s a will you might get a few quid
You scratch my back I’ll talk behind yours
What the eye doesn’t see…Sky+

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