True Story
I Was In My Office Yesterday On My Lunc… – Internet Jokes

True Story I Was In My Office Yesterday On My Lunc… – Internet Jokes

I was in my office yesterday on my lunch break when I decided to go on my computer to enjoy a joke or two on Sickipedia. The amount of racist sick jokes made me persist in laughing. Quite loudly actually. My boss overheard this and came over to have a look. I suddenly remembered to my horror that my boss was black. Then to make it even worse I remembered he transferred here from America. In realising this I quickly grasped for the mouse and closed the Sickipedia web page. As my boss reached the foot of my desk he said: “What are you laughing at then?” Nervously I replied: “nothing boss, just something that happened yesterday”. My black American boss then proceeded to go through my website history until he came across Sickipedia. He looked at me and said: “ahhh what’s this then sounds interesting.”
I was ready to be fired. I was ready to get beaten up. Sweat pouring down my head, i sat there in horror and disbelief as he scrolled the mouse closer and closer to the website url. And as he clicked on, i don’t think i was ever happier to see those magic words…..
“Database Latency too high. Sickipedia appears to have lost connection to the database.”

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