TONS Of Groaners. . . Joke

TONS Of Groaners. . . Joke

Q: What’s red and goes up and down?A: A tomato in an elevator.Q: What did one tube of glue say to the other tube of glue?A: We have to stick together.Q: What do you say when you meet a two-headed monster?A: Hello, hello.Q: What do you call a sleeping bull?A: A bulldoser.Q: When is a baseball player like a thief?A: When he steals a base.Q: What did the can say to the can opener?A: You make me flip my lid.Q: What is a volcano?A: A mountain with the hiccups.Q: What do you find at the end of everything?A: The letter “g”.Q: What did the elephant do when he hurt his toe?A: He called a toe truck.Q: Why do two skunks argue?A: Because they like to kick up a stink.Q: What did the adding machine say to the cashier?A: You can count on me.Q: What is the best way to keep dogs out of the street?A: Put them in a barking lot.Q: Why did the cat sleep with a fan on?A: He wanted to be a cool cat.Q: What did the painter say to the wall?A: One more crack and I’ll plaster you.Q: Why is baseball like a cake?A: They both need batters.Q: What did one dandelion say to the other dandelion?A: Take me to your weeder.Q: What kind of s***s do you make with banana skins?A: Slippers!Q: What did the rug say to the floor?A: I’ve got you covered!Q: How do you make antifreeze?A: You steal her blanket.Q: Why does a cow wear a bell?A: Because her horns don’t work.

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