This Vw Bug Pulled Up Beside This Rolls At A Red L… – Transport Jokes

This Vw Bug Pulled Up Beside This Rolls At A Red L… – Transport Jokes

This VW Bug pulled up beside this Rolls at a red light, rolled down his window and asked the Rolls driver, “You got a telephone in that Rolls?”
“Matter of fact I do, right here on the seat beside me.” said the Rolls driver.
“Me too,” said the VW Driver,
“You got a TV in that Rolls?” The Rolls,
“Yes I do, right here on the dash.”
“Me too,” said the VW,
“You got a twin bed in the back seat?” Rolls,
“No, I do not.”
“I do” said the VW as the light turns green and he takes off.
The Rolls manages to get the license number. The Rolls heads straight to the Auto Accessory Store not to let the VW Bug out do him.
“Yes” the accessory attendant said, “We do carry and can install a twin bed in the rear seat of your Rolls.” So, after about a week the Rolls driver picked up his Rolls with the newly installed twin bed and immediately set out to locate that VW Bug.
He finally located it parked in the park near the river. As he pulled up beside it he noted that the windows were all fogged over. Knowing what causes this he waited a few minutes. Finally he got out, walked over to the VW, knocked on the window, no response. He waited another few minutes, knocked on the window again. The window lowered a couple inches and the driver said,
The Rolls driver said, “I wanted you to know that I have a twin bed in the back seat of my Rolls now.”
The VW frowns and says, “You get me out of the shower just to tell me that?”

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