The Murphys Are Giving Their First Dinner Party In… – Misunderstanding Jokes

The Murphys are giving their first dinner party in their posh new house. Once most of the guests have left, Mrs. Murphy asks her neighbour if she did everything correctly.
“It was perfect,” says the neighbour, “well almost: there were no sugar tongs.”
“Sugar tongs?”
“Well,” says the neighbour, “when the men go to the toilet, very few of them wash their hands after handling their you-know-whats, and then they use their fingers to take sugar lumps from the bowl for their coffee. That’s why you need sugar tongs.”
Mrs. Murphy takes this advice to heart and after her next dinner party she asks her neighbour once again if she did everything correctly.
“It was perfect again,” says the neighbour, “but why didn’t you follow my advice about the sugar tongs?”
“I did,” says Mrs. Murphy, “I hung them up right beside the toilet.”

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