The Hotel Astor Had Hired A New Bus Driver… Joke

The Hotel Astor Had Hired A New Bus Driver… Joke

The hotel Astor had hired a new bus driver and instructed him to meet all incoming trains and announce at the depot in a very loud voice, “Free bus to the hotel Astor!” On the way to the station on his first trip her kept repeating to himself, “Free bus to the hotel Astor, Free bus to the hotel Astor,” until he memorized it letter perfect. Upon his arrival at the station, however, he became confused at all the noise and hub bub and started shouting as follows.”Free hotel at the bust your Astor, I mean, Free a*s at the Hotel Bastard, I mean, Freeze your a*s at the Hotel Buster, I mean Squeeze your bust at the Hotel Faster, I mean, Bust your a*s at the Hotel Freezer, Oh shit…take a cab.”

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