The Beggers Joke

The Beggers Joke

Two beggars are sitting on a park bench outside a church on a Sunday morning. They are both dressed in rags, each is holding a top hat, the one has a large cross around his neck and the other a large Star of David. After church, the congregants file out, each placing money in the hat belonging to the beggar with the cross while ignoring the beggar with the Star of David. Soon the hat of the beggar with the cross is overflowing with money while the other beggar’s hat remains empty. A priest who has been watching this approaches the bench and says to the beggar with the Star of David around his neck “My son, surely you realize you are in a Christian country, in a Christian neighborhood, on a Sunday morning, sitting outside a church? How can you possibly expect anyone to give you any money, especially since you are wearing a large Star of David around your neck?”On hearing this the beggar with the Star of David around his neck turns to the other beggar and says “Moshe, can you believe this priest trying to tell us how to run our business!”

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