The Bad-mouthed Parrot! Joke

The Bad-mouthed Parrot! Joke

An old man died and left his talking parrot to his nephew.Unfortunately, the old man’s language was not the cleanest, and it would seem that the parrot picked up on this. The nephew did not like this, and tried to break the parrot of its swearing habit. He tried everything. He played religious music, he was kind to the bird, he spent long hours trying to teach it manners. Finally, one day, he became so frustrated, he threw the parrot into the freezer.”There,” he said. “Maybe he’ll cool off in there.”For the first few seconds, the parrot swore a blue streak inside that freezer. Then, suddenly, the parrot fell silent. A few moments later, the nephew heard from within the freezer, “If you would be so kind as to let me out, I promise to rectify my unsavory vocabulary.”Shocked and surprised, the nephew quickly opened the door and removed the chilly but sedate bird. Before he could say anything, however, the parrot spoke.”If you don’t mind, may I ask what the chicken did?”

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The Bad-mouthed Parrot! Joke
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