Stupid Insults 24/31 Joke

Stupid Insults 24/31 Joke

Operating in stand-by mode. Ought to have a warning label on his forehead. Out there where the buses don’t run. Outlet isn’t grounded. Over the rainbow. Overdue for reincarnation. Overruns above 110 baud. Paged/swapped out. Paralyzed from the neck up. Parents beat him with an ugly stick. Parked his head and forgot where he left it. Pedaling real fast, but not getting anywhere. People around her are at risk of second hand idiocy. Perfect cha*sis, bad driver. Perfect face for Halloween. Perfect percussionist for an acapella group (duh, duh, duh…) Perfect training subject for apprentice hypnotists. Permanently out to lunch. Permanently rotated 90 degrees from the rest of us. Phototrophic on a better day. Pins 2 and 3 (RS-232) permanently connected to ground. Playing an endgame with a king and no other pieces. Playing baseball with a rubber bat. Playing hockey with a warped puck. Playing Scrabble, but we can’t figure out what words he’s building. Plays pinochle with a p***r deck. Plays solitaire… for cash. Plays tennis with no net and finds it challenging. Plenty of myelin but not enough neurons. Plenty of salt in the shaker, but no holes in the cap.

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