Shipwrecked Saga -Dog And Man Joke

Shipwrecked Saga -Dog And Man Joke

A man and his dog are shipwrecked on a desert island. After exploring the island, he discovers that the only other inhabitants on the island are a flock of sheep. After many months he realizes how difficult life is without having a woman by his side. He momentarily considers pleasuring himself with a sheep, but the horror of the thought soon draws him back to his senses.A few months later, he can take it no more, and starts to stalk a particularly comely sheep. As he is about to do the dastardly deed, however, his dog grabs him by the leg and prevents him from going ahead. After some initial anger, he thanks the dog for keeping him on the straight and narrow.This pattern continues for some years, when the man is not so much thankful for the hound’s intervention, as downright irritated. Try as he might to sneak off to the sheep whenever the canine isn’t looking, his faithful friend always hunts him down whenever he approaches the woolly flock.Then one day, fate intervenes, and the man sees a yacht drop anchor in the bay. Soon he sees a very attractive young woman alighting from the yacht and stepping ashore. Soon he is with her, introducing himself.”You’re the first man I’ve seen after months at sea,” she coos. “I’ll do anything you want.”Deep inside, the man is beside himself with joy. His prayers have been answered.”Great,” he says. “Will you walk my dog for me?”

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