Remember When….. Joke

Remember When….. Joke

Remember when……..A computer was something on TV froma science fiction show of notea window was something you hated to cleanand ram was the cousin of a goatMeg was the name of my girlfriendand gig was a job for the nightsnow they all mean different thingsand that really mega bytesAn application was for employmenta program was a TV showa cursor used profanitya keyboard was a pianoMemory was something that you lost with agea CD was a bank accountand if you had a 3 1/2″ floppyyou hoped nobody found outCompress was something you did to the garbagenot something you did to a fileand if you unzipped anything in publicyou’d be in jail for a whileLog on was adding wood to the firehard drive was a long trip on the roada mouse pad was where a mouse livedand a backup happened to your commodeCut you did with a pocket knifepaste you did with gluea web was a spider’s homeand a virus was the fluI guess I’ll stick to my pad and paperand the memory in my headI hear nobody’s been killed in a computer crashbut when it happens they wish they were dead.

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Remember When….. Joke
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