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People in a small town believe that the landlord of the local pub is the strongest bloke they have ever seen. They are so sure of this that they offer a challenge to anyone who wants to try it. The challenge is that the landlord gets a lemon and squeezes all of the juice out of it. Anyone who can squeeze even one more drop of juice wins 1000.
Over the years many people try it, from lorry drivers to weight lifters, all of them failing.
One day a little old man comes into the pub and asks if he can have a try. After the laughter subsides, the landlord gets a lemon, squeezes the juice out and hands the remains to the man.
Amazingly, he manages to squeeze four more drops out. Astonished, the landlord hands him the money and asks, “What do you do for a living?”
To which the old man replies, “I work for the Inland Revenue.”

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