Man Enters The Doctors Office And Sits Down – Professions Jokes

Man enters the doctors office and sits down. He says to the doctor “what is it doctor – you asked to see me?”
The doctor replies, “yeah I’ve got some news”.
The man says, “what is it – you’ve already told me I’ve got chlamydia – how worse can it get?”.
The doctor says, “no I gave you the wrong test results – you don’t have chlamydia!”.
“Oh my god that’s great news, thank you doctor”
“Yes, but Some other patient has your test results – I need you to go and swap results with him” said the doctor.
The man replies, “I can’t do that; that’s awful, you want me to break the news to him, it’s awful news to give someone”.
The doctor replies, “No he’ll be over the moon – he’s got Aids”.

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