Bingo Card Joke

Bingo Card Joke

The wife comes home from a night at bingo with a new fur coat. She says “Honey, look what I won at bingo”.Next week she comes home from bingo with a large diamond ring. She says,”Honey look what I won at bingo”.Next week she come home from bingo driving a new porsche, she says “Honey, look what I won at bingo”.The next week as she is preparing to get ready for bingo, the husband asks – “Honey shall I draw you a bath?” To which she replies “Why sure”.As the wife enters the tub she notices there is less than a inch of water in the tub.She asks “how am I supposed to take a bath in this amount of water?”To which the husband replies…”I wouldn’t want you to get your bingo card wet”!

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Bingo Card Joke
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