Bee Jokes 05 Joke

Bee Jokes 05 Joke

Q: Why did the queen bee kick out all of the other bees?A: Because they kept droning on and on!Q: What do you call a bee born in May?A: A maybe!Q: What kind of bee can’t be understood?A: A mumble bee!Q: Where do bees keep their money?A: In a honey box!Q: What TV station do bees watch?A: Bee bee c one!Q: What did the bee say to the naughty bee?A: Bee-hive yourself!Q: Why did the bees go on strike?A: Because they wanted more honey and shorter working flowers!Q: Why do bees have sticky hair?A: Beacuse of the honey combs!Q: What is black and yellow and buzzes along at 30,000 feet?A: A bee is an aeroplane!

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