Bad Boy Joke

Bad Boy Joke

One day there was a boy at school and his teacher told him to get 4 spelling words. 1st he went to his Brother and asked “Could you give me a spelling word?” His Brother answered “ShutUp” So he wrote down Shutup. 2nd he went to his Mother and asked her. She answered “Certainly” He wrote down certinly. 3rd he wen to his Dad and asked for somthing sweet. His dad answered Lolipop so he wrote down Lolipop. 4th he went to his little brother and asked the question. He answered “In my Little Blue Car” The next day he went to school and his teacher asked for the words. He said his 1st word Shutup. Then she asked “Do you want to go to the principles office?” He said is second word “Certainly”. In the principals office the principal asked what do you think you deserve, the boy answered “Lolipop!!” Then the principal asked “What do you think your punishment should be?” The boy answered “To go in my Little Blue Car!!!!”

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