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After a win on the lottery I decided on a round the world trip and I kept a diary.
Went to France saw the tower in Paris, It was an eyeful.
Went to Denmark saw Lego land. I didn’t know what to make of it.
Went to China saw the wall. It was great.
Went to Egypt saw the pyramids at Giza, it was really foggy. I didn’t see the point.
Went to Arizona in the U.S saw the canyon. It was grand.
Went to San Francisco saw the Golden Gate Bridge. I couldn’t get over it.
Went to Big Island in Hawaii saw the lava fields. That was pretty hot.
Went to Jordan. It was the lowest point of the trip.
Saw Petra, amazing, That memory is carved in stone.
Went to Israel saw the salt filled sea. Not a very popular spot it was dead.
Went to Italy. Trekked up Mount Etna. That was a high point.
Went to The Optimists cave in Ukaine. It was all I’d hoped it would be.
It was a once in a life time trip, I enjoyed it but won’t be going again.

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