A Guy Goes Into His Local Bank And Says To The Man… – Food-And-Drink Jokes

A guy goes into his local bank and says to the manager, “I’d like to borrow 100,000 to open a cheese factory in Cheshire. It’s gonna be great.”
“Wow, hold on a minute”, says the bank manager. “There’s already a company called Cheshire Cheese – you’re gonna have to come up with something better than that.”
The guy comes back next week, and says, “Right I’ve got it. I want to borrow 200,000 to open a cheese factory in France. It’s gonna be called Brie Cheese.”
“I’m afraid that one’s already there too,” says the bank manager. “Brie Cheese is world famous, so I can’t lend you the money for that.”
In a last ditch attempt, the man comes back in the following week. “Right”, says the man, “I’ve got it. I want to borrow 500,000 to open a cheese factory in Israel.”
“Oh, now we’re talking,” says the bank manager. “What are you going to call it?”
The man smiles proudly and says, “Cheeses of Nazareth.”

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