A Brief History Lesson… Joke

A Brief History Lesson… Joke

As Time Goes By – A Brief History Lesson…3050 B.C. – A Sumerian invents the wheel. Within the week, the idea is stolen and duplicated by other Sumerians, thereby establishing the business ethic for all times.525 B.C. – The first Olympics are held, and prove similar to the modern games, except that the Russians don’t try to enter a six-footer with a moustache in the women’s shot put.214 B.C. – Tens of thousands of Chinese labor for a generation to build the 1,500 mile long Great Wall of China. And after all that, it still doesn’t keep the neighbor’s dog out.1 B.C. – Calendar manufacturers find themselves in total disagreement over what to call next year.432 – St. Patrick introduces Christianity to Ireland, thereby giving the natives something interesting to fight about for the rest of their recorded history.1297- The world’s first stock exchange opens, but no one has the foresight to buy IBM or Xerox.1456 – An English judge reviews Joan of Arc’s case and cancels her death sentence. Unfortunately for her, she was put to death in 1431.1607 – The Indians laugh themselves silly as the first European tourist to visit Virginia tries to register as “John Smith”.1755 – Samuel Johnson issues the first English Dictionary, at last providing young children with a book they can look up dirty words in.1770 – The shooting of three people in the Boston Massacre touches off the Revolution. 200 Years later, 3 shootings in Boston will be considered just about average for a Sat. Night.1805 – Robert Fulton invents the torpedo.1807 – Robert Fulton invents the steamship so he has something to blow up with his torpedo.1865 – Union Soldiers face their greatest challenge of the war: getting General Grant sober enough to accept Lee’s surrender.1912 – People with Reservations for the voyage of the Titanic get their money back.1934 – As if the Great Depression weren’t giving business enough headaches, Ralph Nader is born.

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A Brief History Lesson… Joke
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