Ano ang tawag

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TEACHER: Juan, what do you call that?

*pointing to a deer in the zoo*

JUAN: Ewan ko po, mam.

TEACHER: What does your mom call your dad?

JUAN: TARANTADO ba tawag diyan mam?

Ano ang tawag
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2 thoughts on “Ano ang tawag

  1. Jhon Paul Marcellana

    Pinoy HISTORY – Tanong (T) at Sagot (S)
    T: Sinong bayani ang swimmer?
    S: Lapu-lapu.
    T: Bayaning manok?
    S: Tandang Sora.
    T: Bayaning adik?
    S: Graciano Lopez High-na.
    T: Bayaning naghuhubad?
    S: Undress Bonifacio.
    T: Bayaning matakaw sa mansanas?
    S: Apple-inario Mabini.
    T: Bayaning maalat?
    S: Emilio Asin-to.
    T: Bayaning pilay?
    S: Marcelo H. del Pilay.
    T: Bayaning pilay na eh mandurugas pa?
    S: Gre-goyo del Pilay.
    T: Bayaning papel?
    S: Sulatan Kudarat.
    T: Bayaning maga ang nguso?
    S: Diego Silang.

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