Today It’S Timmy’S Birthday, My Down’S Syndrome Dwarf Nephew – Wordplay Jokes

Today it’s Timmy’s birthday, my Down’s syndrome dwarf nephew. My wife and son and I went round to my sister’s place to celebrate. After the main course, the kids were sent upstairs to play with Timmy’s toys. Halfway through the night I went to the bathroom, and I heard, to my dismay, my son making fun of little Timmy. So, naturally, I took him out of the room and gave him a good talking to.
“Listen,” I said. “You might think it’s great fun to laugh at your cousin. In fact, I used to be nasty to people who weren’t like me too. You might even have called me a bully. Let me tell you now: it’s not big, and it’s not clever…
But it is your cousin and it has feelings too, so be nice.”

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