Ricky Gervais Is Singing In A Small Nightclub In F… – Wordplay Jokes

Ricky Gervais is singing in a small nightclub in front of a private audience, backed by a jazz quartet.
A couple near the back of the club, an old man and his wife, are enjoying the ambience when the elderly lady whispers to her husband that she’d love to hear Ricky sing something by Bing Crosby.
The man moves through the tables toward the stage and says, “Hey, Mr Gervais, do you know any of the old Bing Crosby numbers?”
Ricky just keeps singing and doesn’t even acknowledge the man.
Again, the old man calls, “Mr Gervais, can you sing a Bing Crosby song?”
Ricky continues to sing but pays him no heed.
The old man is about to try once more when the nightclub owner takes him by the elbow and steers him away from the stage.
“What do you want?” the club owner asks.
“I just wanted to know if Ricky knew any Bing Crosby songs – my wife would love to hear one.”
“Well, talk to the band ’cause Gervais ain’t listening.”

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