My Daughter Came Home In Floods Of Tears A Few Days Ago – Stupid Jokes

My daughter came home in floods of tears a few days ago.
“Daddy, Daddy, I’m stuck on my homework!” It was mathematics- addition, to be precise. So, being a good parent, I painstakingly explained it to her, in detail, until she got the picture.
The next day, she came home crying again.
“Daddy, daddy, I’m stuck on my English homework!” she sobbed. It was basic grammar. Again, I took the time to explain it to her- and she seemed to understand that.
The day after that, she once again came back sobbing hysterically.
“Daddy, daddy, I’m stuck on my Science homework!” It was simple biology- how to identify plants, and the like. Once again, I explained it all to her in great detail, and she seemed to understand.
“Just one more thing, Daddy?” she enquired.
“Yes?” I replied.
“Don’t you just hate long jokes with no punchline?”

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