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Last month, I went to africa to go on a hunting trip. After returning at the end of a long day my host asked me;
“How did it go?” I happily replied,
Pretty good, I shot a Lion, 3 zebras and 8 Doshus
The man looked slightly bemused, but congratulated me nonetheless.
On the following day, i returned again after a long day of hunting, and again, the man asked;
“How did it go?”
“Great,” I said, “I shot 3 Lions, 5 Zebras and 10 Doshus.
Even more impressed, yet still slightly confused, he wished me luck for my third day. Later that night I returned and the familiar routine occured.
“How did it go?”
I replied, Today I shot 8 Lions, 11 Zebras and 22 Doshus
My host treated me to a traditional dinner for such my efforts. The next morning, I woke up ready for my last days hunting. After a long day’s safari, i returned to my accommodation.
How did It go? I replied Today was the best day yet, I shot 9 Lions 15 Zebras and 50 Doshus!
He was astonished and yet had one question to ask. But, what are Doshus?
I paused for a second before replying Little black men running around shouting Donshoo Donshoo.”

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