A Man Is Stranded In The Desert And Has Not Eaten … – Wordplay Jokes

A man is stranded in the desert and has not eaten or drunk anything for nearly 36 hours. He is about to die. Amazingly, as he stumbles through the sand, he comes to three market stalls. The man (half-thinking he must be hallucinating) approaches the first stall and demands, “I need water, sell me some water.”
“Sorry, Sir,” replies the stall owner, “I only sell custard.”
The man, visibly taken aback, goes up to the second stall and again asks for water.
“I’m afraid I only sell sponge cake and cream,” replies the second stall owner.
The man turns in disbelief to the final stall and begs, “please, I need water now or I’ll die.”
“Sorry Sir, I only sell hundreds and thousands,” replies the final stall owner.
His fatigue momentarily forgotten the man demands, “You mean to tell me that the three of you all own market stalls in the middle of the desert and none of you sell water?”
“I know, Sir,” says the first stall owner, “it’s a trifle bazaar.”

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